Current Projects

Current Project List
(updated 24 July 2012)

Port Largo:  This project involves creating a fictional island port in which my Legends of the High Seas gaming will be based.  Each major inhabitant will have both a corresponding miniature and full background.  The port will evolve as the campaign continues...buildings may be destroyed or enhanced, characters come and go, and fortunes rise and fall.

   Current Status:  The port is still under construction and should be complete by summer 2012.  Many of the inhabitants have already been painted, including several that have been featured in the Ladies of Port Largo posts.

Ladies of Port Largo:  This project is a subset of Port Largo.  It is presented separately however, due to the fact that many of the female miniatures can, and have been used in areas other than pirate gaming.

   Current Status 24July2012:  Six miniatures have already been painted with more on the way.

Legends of the Fall:  This project involves collecting and painting miniatures to represent high level fantasy RPG characters.  Due to my mindset at the time I conceptualized and started the project, the chosen minis will be based in fall foliage and have a decidedly autumn theme (hence the title).  While the characters will be high level, the fact that they have survived to legendary status does not necessarily mean that they have/wear more stuff.  I strongly dislike miniatures that are too "busy"...meaning tons of weapons and equipment sculpted onto every available space on the mini.  I am a strong adherent to the concept of "fantastical reality" and the figures I chose to collect and paint are sometimes rather plain.

   Current Status 24July2012:  So far I have only completed two miniatures for this project.  I do have several others in the work queue and hopefully, with fall just around the corner, I will become inspired enough to begin anew.

Level One Adventurers:  With my tendency to be attracted to plainly sculpted miniatures, this project should come as no surprise.  Basically I'm collecting and painting dungeon cannon fodder with the hopes that one day, they too may join the previous group.

   Current Status 24July2012:  I only have one miniature completed for this project at this time.  Tarika will have others to join her before long.

March of the Cadians:  The name refers to a long overdue project.  I have tons of Cadians that have been awaiting completion for years.  I had hoped that a witty title would encourage me to complete at least some of them in March of 2011.  It's now over a year later and all I have managed to do is to start a few test models.  Perhaps by next March I will have completed those models and actually start this project.

   Current Status 24July2012:  On hold.

Isengard Unleashed:  This is a LotR SBG related project.  Though I really don't game all that much due to my relative isolation on the island, I do like to collect and paint armies.  Isengard Unleashed is the creation of such an army.  Though I have not posted anything on this blog yet, I do have quite a collection of Uruks painted.  I hoping to get reinforcements on the table soon.

   Current Status 24July2012:  One Saruman has already been painted last month and two more versions are in the current queue.

Dark Age Gaming:  This is a general caption for a series of projects involving various factions linked to the Dark Ages.  Gripping Beast miniatures and the Age of Blood ruleset are my current selections but things may change as I explore this genera. 

     Current Status:  My vikings and saxons are still unpainted but I have been experimenting with the rules using various LotR miniatures as proxies.

Knights of Westeros:  This project will use GW Brettonian Knights to showcase the heraldry and pageantry of George R. R. Martin's fictional world.  Each of the major noble houses in Westeros will be represented by one mounted knight.  As of this writing, the miniatures will be used for display/diorama purposes only but I have been toying with the idea of mixing wargaming with A Song of Ice and Fire roleplaying.

   Current Status 24July2012:  After researching sigils and colors, several test miniatures are being painted.

Dungeon Dwellers:  This is a general project category that holds all of the monster miniatures I have been working on.

   Current Status 24July2012:  A tribe of Kobold raiders have been recently completed.  Goblins, Hobgoblins, and skeletons are currently in the painting queue.

The Grey Company:  This is a two part project.  The initial version consisted of a large group of Reaper miniatures I had been collecting over several years that all fall into a general ranger theme.  With the addition of GW's Grey Company miniatures for LotR SBG, part two came into being.  In this version I'm working on a fairly large Grey Company contingent for display and gaming purposes.

   Current Status 24July2012:  Many of the Reaper miniatures are primed and some have been basecoated.  The GW rangers are still unprimed and some are still on the sprue.