Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Talk Like A Pirate Day - Pirate Project Update

I had hoped to get this posted last night in honor of Talk Like A Pirate Day but real life got in the way as it always seems to do.  However, when you live in the Florida Keys, one can hear pirate speak almost every day so in that respect, I'm right on time.

Though my posting frequency has been lower than normal lately, I have not been idle by any means on the hobby front.  In fact, it's due to the focus I've placed on my hobby projects lately that has left little time for blogging.  I'll try to get a general update posted in the very near future to showcase some of the other undertakings, but for now I want to concentrate on the pirate project.

Port Largo is coming along nicely.  I've been able to shape the terrain boards to my liking and add a bit of elevation here and there.  Since the first part of the campaign will take place mostly in town, I will be adding two boards behind the existing ones to showcase more of the island.  Once the crews manage to gain access to larger ships, the back boards can be removed to give more room for ship maneuvering.

Overhead view of Port Largo

In the view below, one can see the general layout of the town proper.  The docks are now apparent though the actual piers are still under construction.  Several of the buildings are starting to take shape as well, with the inn in the foreground to the right.  I've been trying several different techniques to simulate the classical Caribbean building style and have almost settled on a favored solution.  One method that I will no longer employ however is to use spackle over the foamboard to provide texture.  Not only does it take way too long, but it's quite messy and creates rather heavy structures.  The current winner is to use textured spray paint as a primer then apply colors and washes over that layer.

View of the east side of town

Not shown are the barracks, the blacksmith's shop, and several of the lesser homes that will line the street.  They are sitting on the workbench with clamps holding the sides together to allow the glue to dry.  I'm also working on a gallows that will sit seaward of the tower fort at the southernmost point of the island.  Does anyone know where I can find a miniature to represent a hanged pirate?

The ships are coming along nicely as well.  One of the completed smaller vessels can be seen sailing the Caribbean blue waters below while other unstarted ships can be seen sitting at the docks for scale.  Not shown are the two sloops under construction on the work bench right now.  While it will be some time before the crews are ready to take to the high seas, I do want several watercraft available for scenery and possibly for escapes.

Ships along the waterfront of Port Antigua

I took a break from painting the normal inhabitants of Port Antigua to return to the fighting folk.  I've started a new round of soldiers and a few commanders to go along.  A few pirates and privateers are also primed and ready to go.  All of the miniatures below are from the Black Scorpion line of pirates except for the little guy that belongs to Old Glory.  I've become quite a fan of Black Scorpion over the last year and highly  recommend them for their clean lines, interesting poses, and general good looks.

Pirates in progress

Well, that's about it for the pirates for now.  Projects await......