Tuesday, July 23, 2013

An Excuse? Yes. But A Darn Good One!

I've never been a prolific blogger.  Try as I might, I have yet to even meet my simple goal of one post per week in the four years I've been writing.  Fifty-two entries is not a lofty goal by any means and is nothing more than a drop in the bucket for some of my favorite bloggers who routinely log two to three times as much. I think the most I could claim over a twelve month period is forty-six... a far cry from what would constitute an active and frequently updated blog.

It seems that I'm on track to miss my goal of fifty-two posts once again this year.  To date, not counting this entry, I can only boast of seventeen for 2013.  I started out posting on a fairly regular schedule but then real life took over (in a big way) and I had to put my hobbies on hold.  You see, I had that proverbial life-changing event take place and my world was turned upside down.  What was so momentous you may ask?  Well, back in mid April, my future gaming buddy was born!  After over seventeen hours of refusing to come out (poor Mommy), my little boy Cameron came into this world.

The little guy has his own brush and is ready to paint with his Daddy

To say that my life has changed would be a huge understatement.  My free time has all but vanished and sleep has become a luxury.  What little painting and hobby work I have completed has all been accomplished during the rare quiet time when the little guy is sleeping (not often).  I'm certainly not complaining though.  He is an absolute joy and just seeing him brings a smile to my face.  I've always heard that once you see your son/daughter for the first time that you instantly fall head over heels in love.  I can now say with absolute certainty, that is definitely the case.

Over three months have gone by since my little family increased by one.  Though he still keeps me quite busy (and happily so), the chaos of being a new father has gradually subsided.  We are starting to develop a bit of a routine and as his sleep pattern gets longer each night, I now find myself with a little more free time.  I've actually started a few new projects and hope to post my progress soon.  So please dear readers, don't delete me due to lack of activity.  This blog is not dead yet!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

The Bones Are Here! The Bones Are Here!

After waiting for what seemed like forever and fearing that I would be the very last person to receive a package from Reaper, UPS dropped off a box of goodies for me today.  The wait is over.  The Bones are here.

The contents of said package are:

1 - Vampire package
1 - Figure Case
1 - Hydra
1 - Spider Centaurs
1 - Red Dragon
1 - We Be Goblins
1 - Deathsleet
1 - There Be Dragons
1 - Mind your Manors
1 - Orcapocalypse
1 - Frost Giants
1 - Ebonwrath
1 - Fire Giants

Add it all together and it equals one very happy guy.

Now it's time to start unpacking everything.  I'll get photos of the loot posted soon.

Christmas in July indeed!