Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Happy Hobbit Day or A Year Has Come And Gone

I knew it had been a long time.  The days turned into weeks and the weeks into months without me fully comprehending the significance of the gap.  Then one day a few weeks ago I visited both of my poorly tended blogs.  I was shocked to see that my last post was so long ago.  Where had the time gone?

I had been telling myself for months that it was time to get started blogging again; time to return to an aspect of the hobby that I've always enjoyed.  But I kept putting it off due to the demands of daily life.  But seeing that long gap of abandonment made me resolve to finally do something about it.  But not just yet....

I noticed that my last post was made on September 22nd of 2014.  It was a rather short entry wishing my fellow bloggers a happy Hobbit Day.  The post itself was not all that significant but the date was.  Middle-earth fans know that September 22nd is the date traditionally celebrated as Bilbo and Frodo Baggins' birthdays.  They also know that was the date Frodo set out on his epic journey from The Shire to the land of Mordor to destroy the One Ring.  I like Middle-earth and I also like symbolism.  It was perfect!  I thought to myself why not embark on my new adventure of returning to a regular posting schedule on the same date.  I could celebrate Hobbit Day and encourage myself to adhere to the set date.  Patiently I waited a few more weeks until this day.

So here I am once again wishing everyone a happy Hobbit Day the same as I did a year ago.  And here I am reviving a long silent blog in hopes of renewing my enthusiasm for blogging.  Fortunately, though I may have been absent from my blogs, I have not been absent from the hobby.  I do have some fun things to share over the next few weeks (including the obligatory "where have I been?" post).  I hope you will join me on my hobby adventures again.

The road goes ever on and on.....


  1. Significant dates for us Ardaists!

    Welcome back and may your hobby be plentyful!

  2. I should have commented yesterday when I, on a whim, first checked! Glad to hear nothing dire had happened.

  3. Happy Hobbit Day to you, as well! Glad to see you blogging again. I hope all is well with you and your family!