Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Thanks To CMON, She Now Has A Name!

Though it may sound like a minor issue to some, the fact that I could not identify the miniature below nor remember where I purchased her was driving me crazy.  I searched and searched, then searched some more but without even a hint of success.  I even posted her on this blog in hopes of getting a clue but I struck out there as well.  Then, at wits end, I decided to ask one of the most active miniature communities I know of for help. CMON!

Tarika, Adventuress from Guild of Harmony miniatures

I've been a lurker on CoolMiniOrNot (CMON) for quite some time and visit often.  Unfortunately, not being the greatest painter, I really never participate on the forums because quite frankly, I don't have anything to add or say beyond "good job" or "nice work".  Even though I knew somebody there could ID the mini, I was reluctant to ask for help since I haven't contributed anything to the community since joining.  However, with no other leads on my search, I gave in and posted my plea for assistance.

I hesitantly made my post and just over an hour later, I had my answer.  Wow that was both fast and easy!  All those wasted hours searching could have been saved by going to CMON first (though I must say I secretly enjoyed looking through page upon page of miniature pics).  A special thanks goes out to "Avelorn" on CMON for the quick and courteous reply.  Thank you so much!

By the way, for those that may want to know, she was sculpted by Sebastian Archer and available from Guild of Harmony.  The miniature is titled Tarika, Adventuress and can be found here

Even though the search took much longer than I anticipated, in the end, the adventure has a happy ending.  Not only do I now know who she is but I also know how I purchased her.  After getting the correct response, I decided to try to become a more productive member of CMON and wanted to check my account to make sure my personal details were correct.  It was there I noticed my shopping history and sure enough, Tarika was listed as being purchased on December 17th, 2010.  As mentioned above, I frequently visit the site to look at all the wonderful paint jobs.  It must have been on one of those visits that I saw the miniature featured on the home page or maybe in some forum post and decided to buy her for myself.  Mystery #2 solved!

Another bonus of my search is that I found yet another great company for miniatures.  Guild of Harmony has some incredible sculpts and I can see myself purchasing several minis from them over the next few months.  This time however I will not forget who they are and where I bought them.

As a final thought on the subject, if any reader is having the same issue trying to ID an unknown miniature, I highly recommend visiting the CMON forums and asking for help.  There is even a thread already set up for the very purpose of identifying miniatures and can be found here.

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