Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Trying to Find Legends of the Old West

The title of this post says it all.  I am trying to track down a copy of Warhammer Historical Legends of the Old West but I am having ZERO luck. 

Does anyone know how to find a copy in the States?  Actually, a copy anywhere would be acceptable. 

Also, I see that the title is sold out and/or out of print on the Warhammer Historical website.  Does anyone know if GW plans to reprint the book?

A huge thanks in advance for anyone that can help me on this matter.


  1. im hoping they are planning on releasing all 4 books in one nice hardbacked packge - fingers crossed. Im sure wih a small search of the internet you could find a digital copy of the rules. Not as good as a proper book but it might get you bye till they either reprint or repackage the game.

  2. I did manage to find digital copies but I'm still hoping to come across a paper edition. I'm going to cross my fingers however and join you in hoping for a re-release of all four books.