Tuesday, January 18, 2011

USS Wilkes Barre - War at Sea Repaint

I just finished another Axis and Allies War at Sea ship repaint.  This time the ship in question is an old friend -  The USS Wilkes Barre (CL-103).  No, I did not serve aboard the cruiser during the war nor have I ever toured the ship when in reserve.  However, I have been on her several times over the last few years.

The author decompressing after the dive.

How is that you ask, when she was used for underwater explosive tests in May of 1972?  Well, you see, I've made several visits to the Wilkes Barre while she is resting in 200 - 250 feet of seawater off the coast of Key West, Florida.  During my visits I was able to explore both the bow (resting on her starboard side) and stern (upright) sections and view her mains still posed for a salvo.  Though broken in two, and despite the usual poor water visibility over the wreck site, the USS Wilkes Barre is still an inspiring site to behold...which is why I decided to repaint one of my Cleveland Class Light Cruisers to match her colors.

Cruising around the internet, I came across several photos showing the Willie B (what we local tech divers call her) in her wartime colors but took a particular liking to a photo of her in Philadelphia on 18 August 1944 before heading out in October for the war in the Pacific.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Several washes and paint mixes later, this is the result.  Now I am ready to get her on the table again and see if the new paint scheme encourages her to throw more 6's.

USS Wilkes Barre CL-103.

Out of curiosity, how many other War at Sea players have dived on WW2 wrecks that are used in game?


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