Thursday, November 22, 2012

Pics of The Hobbit SBG Miniatures from White Dwarf

Although I said I would not be able to post until after the Thanksgiving holiday, I had to make a quick exception.  While messing about waiting for my Turkey dinner, I came across several photo references of the new White Dwarf magazine featuring many of the new Hobbit miniatures scheduled for release.  With my love of GW's LotR SBG, I consider this to be classified as breaking news and worth of a rule change of my self imposed Holiday exile.

The links are below:

Photo courtesy of Tholanan's Photobuket

 This link is to a Spanish bloggers site:  La Taberna De Laurana pics

This link will take you to a Photobucket account with good photos

Finally, although not miniature related, here is a wonderful 7 minute Hobbit mega trailer.  Apparently some creative YouTuber with lots of time on his hands pieced together all the footage from every trailer into one long clip.  Watching the video is definitely worth the time.

Now back to my regularly scheduled Turkey time......


  1. Thanks for quoting our blog!

    Cheers from Spain

    1. You're welcome! Thanks for getting the news and photos out so quickly!

  2. Amazing how this has got out already, our magazine here in NZ isn't released here till tomorrow! Good to see though!
    My credit card has started a nervous tick.... ;-)

    1. My credit card is already on fire. My preorders should be in this Saturday. I can't wait!