Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Shae the Silvan Elf

After several false starts and sputters, I'm finally getting back into the painting groove.  I've been working feverishly to clear out the current painting queue to make room for the imminent release of the new Hobbit miniatures from GW.  I've completed several this week but I only have time to post one before the holiday madness starts here in the Keys.

This miniature is called Shae.  She is a Steve Buddle sculpt, of former Spyglass/Eolith miniatures fame (now with GW from what I understand), and like many of the minis from his past, she is both simple and elegant at the same time.  Heresy miniatures acquired the rights to some of Steve's minis in 2011 and I believe Shae can still be purchased there.

Shae was an absolute pleasure to paint.  With the simple clean lines, applying color to the miniature was almost like starting out on a large blank piece of canvass.  There were no ridiculous extra details to mar the figure and make it look comical or overburdened.  Even though the mini is rather plain on details, a better painter than myself could have really made Shae a standout work by adding freehand details on the cloak, pants, or tunic.  Unfortunately I don't have the skill to attempt such a project.  However, I'm completely fine with the way she turned out.  I was aiming to create a wood/silvan elf with a definite autumn theme and I think she fits that particular role rather well.

This is my last post before we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the States so I think I will close by wishing everyone a happy Turkey day!  And for those of you that do not observe our cleverly designed excuse to eat lots of food and drink tons of wine, then I will simply wish you a happy four day period!

Thanks for reading...


  1. She is delightful, wonderfully delicate shading. And the eye is just perfectly elven. Well done!
    Have a happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Thanksgiving was wonderful. Lots of wine, turkey, and friends made for a wonderful evening. Thanks for the compliment and apologies for the belated reply.