Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Here's yet another member of Thorin & Company.....Oin, son of Groin.  Thorin's companions continue to grow and I can actually see light at the end of this long painting tunnel.  The signs and portents speak of a completed project in the not too distant future.

In The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Oin doesn't get much on-screen time.  While he does have more lines than Bombur (it's not a difficult task considering that Bombur does not even speak the entire movie), he does not have much to say beyond telling the company about the portents that suggest Smaug might be dead or ready to be killed.  "Ravens have been seen flying back to the mountain as it was foretold: When the birds of yore return to Erebor, the reign of the beast will end." Since I painted Oin completely in browns ( and a little grey), I really don't have much to say either.  He was a fun mini to paint but the color palette was not all that exciting, leaving me with little to comment on.

I am excited about the sculpt however. The details were crisp and prominent and the stance was pleasing to the eye.  In addition, I like that he, along with Kili, has his hood on.  It's not a big deal, but the hoods were an important part for me growing up reading the book.  I remembered the color of the hoods before I got the names of the dwarves right back in those days.  I think it's a proper acknowledgement to the Professor that Peter Jackson, and GW in return, kept that part of the book somewhat accurate.

Oin can now stand beside his brother Gloin in the display case.  Then one day, after the dwarves are finished and I power through all those goblins in the Escape from Goblin Town box set, I can finally sit down to a proper wargame with the miniatures.

Thanks for reading.....


  1. Very nice. I like the subtle pattern down edge of tunic. Tastefully done.

  2. He's looking good. I too like that they kept the hoods, even if they aren't as prominent in the movie as in the book. If you think about it, each dwarf's general colour scheme matches the colour of his hood in the book.

    1. That's a good point Leif. I went back and reread The Hobbit last week after seeing your comment and noticed exactly what you pointed out. Yet another reason why I think Mr. Jackson did a wonderful job with the movie.