Tuesday, August 07, 2012

From The Ashes A Fire Shall Be Woken???

I've been thinking lately about letting my White Dwarf subscription run out.  It's expensive, full of GW propaganda, and in my humble opinion, is mostly a monthly company catalog.  I no longer play WFB or 40K (although I still collect some of the models) so what little useable text within the pages there is, it's rather useless to me.  Even the well-painted models are less of an attraction these days.  The painting is still absolutely gorgeous but for the most part, the models themselves are getting ridiculous.  What's all this crap sticking out of them lately?  How do these guys walk around, much less fight?  To be completely honest, it was only the Lord of the Rings content that kept me hanging on, and even that has been pretty much nonexistent for some time now.

My August copy of White Dwarf arrived today (it takes forever for it to make it down here) and any thought of letting my subscription lapse suddenly vanished like a certain Hobbit placing a magical ring on his finger.  It seems after a long absence (beyond just fluff articles), LotR SBG content is coming back!

My heart raced as I glanced lovingly at the two page spread graced by Bilbo, Gandalf, and Thorin and company.  Sudden memories of the glory days of LotR rushed through my brain and the long defeat seemed to be coming to an end.  Indeed, hope did remain while the company was true...

Of course I knew, or strongly suspected, that GW would cash in on The Hobbit money making machine.  I was pretty sure we would see new models and possibly a revamped game.  But I didn't begin to think that this one photo, this little tease of things to come, would reignite so strongly the feelings of those blissful early days of the game and the LotR films.  I'm as giddy as a schoolgirl right now and cannot wait for the upcoming monthly content in White Dwarf, the pending miniature releases, and the general resurgence (hopefully) of a game I dearly love.

For those of us lonely collectors and gamers that never gave up on the forlorn system, now is our time to rejoice.  Though GW may try to weave a spell and force me to purchase Finecast models, at least there is now light for the world of men and LotR gamers.  As Hurin once yelled long ago in the years of the First Age, "Aure enteluva! Day shall come again."  And so it shall be for us....collectors, players, and lovers of this game.

I'll be waiting with bated breath for the upcoming issues.  No chance of me cancelling my subscription now. Who knows what treasures lie within the golden horde that GW has slept upon for these long years.....

Damn you GW, you had me at "In a hole in the ground...."

If you are not a subscriber and cannot read the text in the ad, here is what it says...

Unless you have been hiding in a Hobbit-hole, you'll know the epic movie, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, reaches cinemas in December.  We are tremendously excited about the forthcoming tabletop battle game and range of new miniatures based on The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and the opportunity to continue the exploration of Middle-earth that began with The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game.

Keep up to date with all the movie news and trailers at the-hobbit-movie.com, and find out all about Games Workshop's new releases in the months to come in the pages of White Dwarf and the Games Workshop website, games-workshop.com.


  1. I agree with your first paragraph entirely!

    Looks like I might get the odd WD, if its a 'Hobbit spectacular' issue...

  2. Just read the internets and leave that GW propaganda alone. Cheaper and you'll feel better :)