Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Help Finding Two OOP Saruman Miniatures

Going through my LotR collection the other day, I noticed that I'm still missing a few miniatures from the line.  Being mainly a collector of the range, I've done a pretty good job over the years keeping up with all the releases GW has put out for the game.  Or at least I thought I had.  Somehow I've managed to miss one Saruman variant and misplace another.  I'd like your assistance in helping me find them.

First up is the Saruman variant that depicts the fallen wizard holding a Palantir.  I'm not really sure how I missed this model.  It's a great sculpt from Gary Morley and possibly my favorite of the four existing versions.  I think it was released early on in the Fellowship of the Ring phase but I could be mistaken.  Either I owned it at some point and misplaced the mini like the one below or perhaps I simply forgot to purchase it.  Either way, Saruman with the Palantir is missing and I sure would like to add him to my collection.

Next is Saruman the White from The White Council boxed set.  I know I had this model in the past since I own every other mini from the set and I'm positive I did not purchase each miniature separately.  Perhaps I misplaced him in one of my several house moves or maybe he ended up in the same mysterious place where some of my socks seem to disappear, but he is definitely missing. 

I realize that the LotR SBG is not the big thing anymore and many visitors to the site will probably have moved on to newer and greener pastures, but I'd still like to ask for your assistance in finding these two miniatures.  I have checked eBay many times over the last few months and have found little success except for one seller that has listed a poorly painted Palantir version for almost $40.  Hopefully someone in the blogosphere can point me in a better direction.

Thanks in advance for any time or consideration readers can provide to my search.

Note:  Not having access to the miniatures themselves, and with GW not cooperating with images of OOP models, I had to use images from the web.  Below are the links to the sites where the images were borrowed.  If the owners of the above images have any issue and/or concerns with my use of them, please feel free to contact me and I will gladly remove them immediately.

The Dead Marshes
Lord of the Miniatures

Edit 1:  Gamers, RPers, and Mini Painters are the best!  Not even 15 minutes after I posted this, I already have a lead on a new eBay post from overseas.

Edit 2:  Thanks to an awesome reader with an extra model, I now have Saruman with a Palantir on the way.  Hopefully I'll get lucky with another seller/trader on Saruman #2!


  1. I know what its like to lose a figure... my painted Lurtz dissappeared some months ago... no idea where it went... I suspected one of my sons playdate chums could have been a little light fingered when shown round the games room (before I had lockable cabinets) but I cant prove anything so what do you do! I've got a replacement figure, though don't know when I'll get round to painting it... I havent played LOTR in an age...

    Best of luck in your quest.

  2. Hey Scott. Which version of Lurtz are you missing? I have a few copies around....I'll have to check to see exactly which mini...but you're welcome to it if it's the one you're missing.

  3. Its Ok, the one I lost I have replacement for, its just getting motivated to paint it again!

    Thanks for the kind offer though! :-)